Brand Story

Love Balance

Want balanced skin?
Beautiqlo is the answer!


Beautiqlo always strives to maintain 'Well Balanced Healthy Skin.'
Our skin easily loses balance in everyday life and from external stimulations.
Skin without balance becomes sensitive, troubled, dull and rough, throwing our mind as well as our body out of sync.
Beautiqlo meticulously chooses effective & safe ingredients found in nature,
Restores skin balance, and creates the most healthy condition for your skin.

So, Love Balance it with Beautiqlo!


Restore balanced skin
with the best ingredients
given by nature.

Balance it
with Beautiqlo


Manufacturing Policies

· Zero additives
What to leave out is as important as what to include in your cosmetics.
Beautiqlo contains zero harmful ingredients for your skin.
*10 NOs Policy :
Cruelty, Chemical Surfactant, Paraben, Mineral Oil, Alcohol,
Phenoxyethanol, PEG Emulsifier, Silicone, Colorant, Artificial Fragrance

· Zero chemicals
No chemical preservatives.
Beautiqlo skincare line contains safe natural origin preservatives.
Up to 24 months shelf life. (up to six months shelf life after opening)

· Zero cruelty
No testing on Animals.
Beautiqlo have been against any kind of cruelty since its establishment.
We test all products on human only.

· Zero anxiety
All products from Beautiqlo dermatologically proven & approved.
(by Korea Institute of Dermatologist Science)
And also they are made of tear free mild & gentle formula.


We are 100% dedicated to develope
the healthiest & safest natural skincare
for all ages & skin types