Cica Aloe Gel


Cica Aloe Gel

A cica aloe soothing gel contains the highest quality Aloe from Jeju island and Centella Asiatica.

#Cica Gel
#Jeju Aloe
#Soothing & Calming

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Product Name Cica Aloe Gel
Product Summary A cica aloe soothing gel contains the highest quality Aloe from Jeju island and Centella Asiatica.
Overview #Cica Gel
#Jeju Aloe
#Soothing & Calming
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용량 100ml
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'Repurchase rate * No. 1'
Best seller of Beauty Claw

'Kakao Makers Satisfaction'
'Beauty Window Rating'
4.8 / 5

'Cumulative Reconciliation Score'
4.19 / 5

Weakly acidic aloe soothing gel pH5.8

Skin temperature
Keratin scraping up with itching
A bursting trouble spot
Is it sensitive to hand-to-hand sensitivity?
Our skin
Signal that the balance is broken
Might hang.

365 days to worry about
If you are a skin troubler,

Found in nature
With Beauty Kloman's vital energy
# Correct the skin balance.

Naturalist raw materials faithful to the basics
YES Soothing ingredients YES Mild ingredients

#Recommended aloe gel #Recommended soothing gel #Real aloe
#Sticky NO #moisture soothing #moisturizing

To help make a real difference
Real fresh leaf juice aloe gel
We introduce to you.

What's Special

In fact, aloe gel
Isn't there there?

NO! Cica Aloe Gelman
Special difference
Reveal now!

Because of the long transportation time
Chemical preservative treatment on raw materials
California Aloe,
Do not use Beauty Claw.

Beauty Claw is close
I found aloe on clean Jeju Island.

Let's check it with our own eyes
Clean area imported from Jeju farm
Use only premium aloe.
Only aloe fresh leaf juice
It does not burn, goes through a non-heating process
The active ingredients of fresh aloe
Aloe vera leaf juice as it is!

Cica Aloe Gel
Not a leaf extract or leaf number
Using only 100% aloe vera leaf juice
With healthy skin that is not shaken by irritation
I can take care of it.

Aloe meets Cica
To increase the effectiveness of soothing gel
Effective component of Centella extract
I blended sika ingredients.

Cica X Aloe, truly DOUBLE UP!
Besides, because alcohol does not enter
It doesn't dry out quickly.
Ingredients and formulations containing moisture
When it is applied, it is more moist
It doubles me :)

After absorption
With a non-sticky, fresh finish
Feel free in summer!
All honest ingredients. EWG Class 1
Skin harmful ingredients 0%
99% of natural ingredients

All ingredients EWG 1 grade.
Safe for pregnant women and young babies with no fragrance and color
Multi natural soothing gel that can be used :)
Refreshing and moist finish

It's a texture with a slight viscosity
It is applied smoothly and smoothly.

To these #skin concerns
I recommend it!

By hot sun or cold winter temperatures
피부 Skin often flares up

After shaving,
✅Sensitive and stingy skin

Baby diaper
Rash skin

With itching
피부 Keratin skin

Beautiqlo Balance Solution
Solve with Cica Aloe Gel!
All Beauty Claw products
Skin hypoallergenic test / dermatologist test
Use it with confidence in the whole family :)
Safety Level of All Ingredients

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