Noni Fresh Balance Skin Toner


Noni Fresh Balance Skin Toner

The weightless & oil-free texture skin toner contains 50% of Noni fruit extracts which hydrates while Chamomile water & Aloe leaf juice helps soothe skin.

#Natural 99%
#Noni 50%
#Glass Skin


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Product Name Noni Fresh Balance Skin Toner
Product Summary The weightless & oil-free texture skin toner contains 50% of Noni fruit extracts which hydrates while Chamomile water & Aloe leaf juice helps soothe skin.
Overview #Natural 99%
#Noni 50%
#Glass Skin
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Noni Fresh Balance Skin Toner
Naver Skin Care
Skin / toner part
Top 1 !!!
BEAUTIQLO No.1 Skin Toner
BEAUTIQLO's sincerity to Noni

Healthy skin first step, skin balance.
The first ingredient selected by Beautiqlo, which puts importance on the balance of the skin.
It is 'Noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia)'.

Why, Noni Fruit Extract?

Noni, which mainly grows in the clean South Pacific volcano
It is a super food filled with 340 kinds of nutrients.
Noni, which grows in a harsh environment, is full of energy with vitality,
When used as a cosmetic, it has excellent effects on skin regeneration and antioxidant effects.
Especially, it is excellent for regenerating skin damaged by UV rays.
It is the best raw material to care for skin irritated by UV rays every day.

* Limited to raw material properties

Noni, is it safe?

Detecting heavy metal in Noni, fake Noni problem ...
You must have been very anxious.
But rest assured.
Beautiqlo uses only Noni extract from the clean South Pacific region.
In addition, as a prescription for all ingredients EWG green grade
Anyone can use it with confidence.

Daily toner to wake up healthy skin every day

50% of Noni fruit extract adds vitality to the skin,
Experience a healthier day by day.

Noni Toner's efforts for healthy skin

1. For moisture, purified water 0%

Noni toner is excellent for hydration and skin regeneration instead of purified water
Propanediol, beta-clucan, panthenol, and hyaluronic acid are full of active ingredients.
I tried to make a toner that is not only gentle, but also functional.
What you need most in your first skincare after cleansing.
Hyaluronic acid and beta-clucan, which are excellent in supplying moisture
Helps to form a moisture film on the skin,
Panthenol, which is excellent for strengthening the skin barrier, strengthens the skin.

2. Noni extract 50%

Noni Toner contains more than 50% of Noni fruit extract, so you can feel the skin improvement effect of Noni fruit.
Not only the name is Noni Toner, but the effectiveness of the Noni fruit extract.

* Limited to raw material properties

3. The skin is more comfortable with weakly acidic toner

A weakly acidic toner with a pH of 5.5 ~ pH 6.0, most similar to the skin barrier
Makes the skin most comfortable.
The weakly acidic toner strengthens the skin barrier
Sensitive skin can be used with confidence.

4. Dermatology hypoallergenic test completed

After using Noni Skin, check irritation after 30 minutes to 48 hours
You can use BeautyClo's products with confidence.
Since it is a daily toner, please use it without any irritation.

* Korea Dermatology Research Institute / January 08 ~ January 12, 2018/37 students
* Result: After removing the spy of Noni Fresh Balance Skin Toner
No irritation was observed after 30 minutes, 24 hours, or 48 hours.

Use like this

1. Skin care, Jeongseok-daero

Every morning / evening after cleansing, in the first step of skin care
Take an appropriate amount on your hand and let the face absorb it.

2. It is also good for 'wipe soil'!

Toner with fresh water
Use a cotton swab and gently wipe the skin.
Residues, waste and dead skin cells after cleansing
Removes without irritation, making the skin smoother.

3. If it is dry skin, use it as a mist in an empty bottle

Offices, classrooms, wherever you feel dry
Take advantage of the beauty claw and use it as a mist.
You can feel instant moisture.
4. When in a hurry, with a skin pack

Days when the skin is irritated or important days when skin condition needs to be increased.
Remove the noni skin toner on the cotton and use it like a mask pack on your face.
Moisture penetrates deeply and restores skin condition.

The first step to correct skin care,
Join Noni Fresh Balance Skin Toner.

BEAUTIQLO that thinks about the environment

Safety Level of All Ingredients

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